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Hey guys!

My name is Jeff Mosier and I’m a New York Headshot Photographer. My start in photography came after my last headshot session as an actor 8 years ago.

In 10 years of failing and succeeding as an actor in New York City, I felt that something was missing from all of my various headshot sessions. I always blamed myself when I didn’t come away with the PERFECT headshot. I eventually realized that this was a common problem with the majority of actor headshots I was seeing out there, and that I certainly wasn’t alone. I started to think that maybe it wasn’t entirely my fault as an actor that my headshots weren’t turning out to be what I needed. All of the photos I was seeing were either overly stylized and focused on the “pretty picture” or an image lacking any meaningful connection with the viewer.

So I asked myself, what is the purpose of a headshot?

And then it hit me. A headshot MUST be what YOU need agents, managers and casting directors to know about you.  Rather then allowing the industry to dictate what you should be or more importantly who you should be. You must know what you want to say in your shot. How YOU want to be seen.  This is YOUR career. And, it’s my (your photographer’s) responsibility to make sure that the image says what you need it to say and brings out the most bookable YOU in your session.

It’s definitely not just about making a pretty picture of you. In fact, a pretty picture might not be what you need at all.

Casting directors need to be able to see why they should bring you in. What makes you uniquely interesting? Agents want to see what’s bookable about you!

Through my own experience and analysis as an actor, and through many close relationships and conversations with casting directors and agents, I’ve developed a process that will produce the headshot you need to get hired.

During our session we will go over the different roles you are aspiring to play, figuring out exactly what your headshot needs to tell the people who matter most. We’ll cover a broad range of connections, grounded in an easy flowing, natural approach. I want you to feel completely at ease throughout the entire process, not just the session. Music cranked or relaxed in an atmosphere that’s set up to let you be yourself. From there, the sky really is the limit when it comes to capturing the bookable you.

After your session you’ll receive a link to your proofing gallery that you'll be able to go over to narrow down the headshots that capture exactly what you want to say.

I look forward to the opportunity of collaborating with you on what will be a giant step in the direction we want your career to be headed in!