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headshot |ˈhedˌSHät|

1 a photograph of a person’s head.
2 a bullet or gunshot aimed at the head.

Whenever I talk to an actor before our session, I get the sense that they are expecting definition 2.

That doesn’t happen in my studio! When you walk through the door, the first thing I want is for you to forget about the laundry list of objectives you’ve been told you need to achieve. This is a documentation of you. A single moment filled with intention. This is the best possible moment for you to simply be you.

Everyone has their opinion and you can’t please them all, but our goal is to capture a side of you the no one can deny is uniquely you.

This is a collaboration between you and me. Periodically you’ll have the opportunity to improv with a camera or two. They’re friendly and totally nonjudgmental. They don’t say much. They love people from all walks of life and enjoy listening to Freddie Mercury and Huey Lewis. What’s not to love?!

Seriously though, you want a killer headshot? Let’s get it…