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My name is Jeff Mosier.  Whatever path has brought you here to my site, I’m thrilled and humbled that you’re here!

My background is in acting with 10 years of training in NYC. I’ve been on this side of the camera for a few years longer than it feels like and the evolution has been nothing short of mind-blowing. Everyday I walk into the studio like it’s the first time. There’s an excitement that's hard to describe. We shoot, we laugh and believe it or not, we cry.

I’ve been told again and again that the experience created in this studio is wholly unique. We’re here to create actor headshots that are both emotionally and visually compelling and quite different from the current trends. I believe the headshots that come out of this studio have a unique ability to convey as much of the true essence of a person as a camera can capture in a headshot environment. That may sound cliche, but if one takes a quick look online they’ll find that this isn’t very common at all. There’s some truly visually stunning work, but when you start to look at the individuals in so many of the images out there, they are lost behind the glow of a lighting technique or a processing technique or are instantly pegged as someone who shot with "that" photographer. That works for some, for me it does not. I want to dig in, find you and then really carve it out in a way that grabs the viewer's full attention. We create actor headshots that will live beyond trends...shots that make people think and most importantly…feel. 

If any of that resonates with you, I’ll fight with every drop of blood, sweat and tears to get you to the next level and the one after that.

Click that Contact button up towards the right and lets see where this journey goes…


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