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headshot |ˈhedˌSHät|

1 a photograph of a person’s head.
2 a bullet or gunshot aimed at the head.

Most times I talk to an actor before our session, I get the sense that they are expecting definition 2.

When you walk through the door, the first thing we want is for you to forget about the laundry list of objectives you’ve been told you need to achieve. This is a documentation of you. A single moment filled with intention. This is the best possible moment for you to simply be YOU!

Everyone has their opinion on what an actor headshot should be and they'll be sure to tell you what that is. Our goal is to capture a side of you that no one can deny is uniquely you. My approach is of a moodier tone. I focus on playing with light and shadow rather than blowing a face out with light coming in from every direction. Every face is different and the way I approach lighting every face is different.  Please know that I am not here to simply make a pretty picture.  There's enough of that floating around the industry.  I'm here to work with you as a team to create a set of images that demands attention. This is a collaboration between you and me (us if makeup and hair is involved). Every shot is different and I'm proud of the fact that no one actor will have the same shot as the actor before them or the actor after.    

Want actor headshots that open doors? 

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